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Nashville Grey's Family

"Nash is growing up so quickly!! I can't believe he is already 8 months. Ben and I can't thank you enough for our little angel, he has truly changed our lives!!  He is so intelligent which has made training him a breeze."

Nash 6 months 3.jpg
Nash 6 months.jpg

Winnie's Family

"Winnie is an absolute delight!  Sweet and beautiful with a little sassy mixed in."

Winnie (2).jpg

Gunners's Family

"Gunner couldn't be more perfect! He literally goes everywhere we go.  You did a wonderful job with these pups!"

Gunner (2).jpg
Gunner (8).jpg
Gunner (4).jpg

Henry & Ozzie's Family

"I'm so in love with him.  He's such a sweet boy!  He's been such a perfect fit for our family." 

Abby's Family

"Thank you for our little Abby!! She is such a trooper. Loved hiking the hilly terrain in Missouri and of course had to say hello to everyone she came across, including dogs!"

Montgomery's (aka-MOO) Family

"Montgomery has been a great addition to our family.  He is so smart and loving."

Molly's Family

"She is so cute and smart.  A true treasure.  Thank you so much for trusting me to care for her. 

She loves absolutely anyone she meets.  She is the happiest little girl around." 









ESME's Family

"She is precious and so smart.  She learned so many commands!  










Kingston's Family

"He is very precious to our family; we are in love!  Our grown son now wants a Cavalier."

RUFUS's Family

"Rufus has exceeded all my expectations. He’s been in my home less than two weeks and he’s almost potty trained, he’s learning verbal commands and is eager to please. Beyond this, he has the beauty and sweet temperament the breed is known for."

Abby 07012020.jpg
Molly 0102220201.jpg
Molly (3).jpg
Henry 02012020.jpg
Speigle_Kingston 08292020.jpg
Moo (4).jpg
Abby 03152021.jpg
Rufus 06192021.JPG
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